Friday, January 1, 2016

Same Blog, New Year - same girl?

Erg, so of course I fell into my usual trap of starting a blog and promptly forgetting all about it! Typical, but whatever it's never too late to start again. First thing's first;

YAY 2k16 is OVER, with 2016 being the year of the monkey it might be the one I enjoy most!

I guess I really want to summarise that I'm angling to pro-actively change for the better in 2016. I know everyone says they're going to do it every new year. But I've got one really BIG thing now going for me that I didn't when I started 2k15 and also made my initial blog post.

Yeeaaaah I have a job now, a proper one with paid leave and vacation days and 9-5 hours and everything both good and boring. I'm hoping to take some pictures and stuff there and include some bloggy content if they allow it. Either way I can now afford things I couldn't before with my Financial independence. I can't say I'm in love with the job but I do love what it does for me. I'm also living alone for the first time so I want to do some ponderings on that, mix some fancy cocktails, paint furniture, start pole dancing again real soon and er gosh, just do ALL the things. Lastly I kinda also decided to *eff* the usual blog aesthetic focus I feel has been dragging me down. Which brings me to~

♥ ♥ Things from 2015 NOT worth Repeatin♥ 
  • Getting bogged down with what I see online so I just quit
  • Not taking enough selfies or using hashtags, not documenting life in general - where did my 20's go so far? 
  • Not wearing my 'good clothes' enough.
  • Not doing or liking something because it's too mainstream
  • Feeling like crap just because I can't always do what I want to do, if I need to visit a whole other country to do it, I need to accept I'm still a huge fan but there are financial and physical limits others are lucky to not have. AMERICAN PRIVILEGE YO!
  • Something to do with treating family less like crap/asking them to treat me less like crap
  • Not seeing friends more often.
  • Spending an entire weekend on facebook when I could be watching tv-shows.
  • Breaking every single phone I owned and changing number everytime
  • Not reading enough 
  • Doing things so other people can read about them - good motivator but if it's the only motivation I stop doing things. 
  • Fastfood for dinner 3/7 nights a week *pushes Mcdonald's burger to the side*
  • Saying I'll remember something and not writing it down
So yeah, that's what I've got at the moment. I'm not sure how private I want this blog to be or not to be but I wanna have fun writing it, sharing it and having something to look back on once 2017 comes around. Stay tuned - I have a few 'regular' type posts coming up and then also some random ones. 

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

A Quick & Painless Introduction

Hello and welcome to EventuallyTomorrow!

So! Foregoing the usual hours upon hours of trawling through inspiration, looks and ideas I'm diving right into the making of this blog! I'll be your host April D. and I'm a 20-something, unemployed, Australian girl with hopes and dreams and goals and a life of her own to live who just keeps putting it all off until tomorrow. Get it? That's why the blog is called EventuallyTomorrow, aren't I clever?

EventuallyTomorrow is being created today to sort of...get myself running. I have a lot of goals and very little places to start from and even less motivation. However I enjoy the idea of sharing my ideas and thoughts so here I go. It'll be an amalgamation of projects, crafts, hobbies, life goals and who knows whate else. Eventually Fashion, illustration, photography, food, decorating, reviews, crafts, shopping and personal anecdotes will decorate the currently bare walls of this webspace and armed with my 'how to blog' magazine knowledge ( yes there really is a magazine for everything ) a plethora of untapped ideas and visions I want to document, and a little luck, this blog will be...something to blog about.