Friday, January 1, 2016

Same Blog, New Year - same girl?

Erg, so of course I fell into my usual trap of starting a blog and promptly forgetting all about it! Typical, but whatever it's never too late to start again. First thing's first;

YAY 2k16 is OVER, with 2016 being the year of the monkey it might be the one I enjoy most!

I guess I really want to summarise that I'm angling to pro-actively change for the better in 2016. I know everyone says they're going to do it every new year. But I've got one really BIG thing now going for me that I didn't when I started 2k15 and also made my initial blog post.

Yeeaaaah I have a job now, a proper one with paid leave and vacation days and 9-5 hours and everything both good and boring. I'm hoping to take some pictures and stuff there and include some bloggy content if they allow it. Either way I can now afford things I couldn't before with my Financial independence. I can't say I'm in love with the job but I do love what it does for me. I'm also living alone for the first time so I want to do some ponderings on that, mix some fancy cocktails, paint furniture, start pole dancing again real soon and er gosh, just do ALL the things. Lastly I kinda also decided to *eff* the usual blog aesthetic focus I feel has been dragging me down. Which brings me to~

♥ ♥ Things from 2015 NOT worth Repeatin♥ 
  • Getting bogged down with what I see online so I just quit
  • Not taking enough selfies or using hashtags, not documenting life in general - where did my 20's go so far? 
  • Not wearing my 'good clothes' enough.
  • Not doing or liking something because it's too mainstream
  • Feeling like crap just because I can't always do what I want to do, if I need to visit a whole other country to do it, I need to accept I'm still a huge fan but there are financial and physical limits others are lucky to not have. AMERICAN PRIVILEGE YO!
  • Something to do with treating family less like crap/asking them to treat me less like crap
  • Not seeing friends more often.
  • Spending an entire weekend on facebook when I could be watching tv-shows.
  • Breaking every single phone I owned and changing number everytime
  • Not reading enough 
  • Doing things so other people can read about them - good motivator but if it's the only motivation I stop doing things. 
  • Fastfood for dinner 3/7 nights a week *pushes Mcdonald's burger to the side*
  • Saying I'll remember something and not writing it down
So yeah, that's what I've got at the moment. I'm not sure how private I want this blog to be or not to be but I wanna have fun writing it, sharing it and having something to look back on once 2017 comes around. Stay tuned - I have a few 'regular' type posts coming up and then also some random ones.